Component Type Component Name
Device Model: Apple MacBook Air (2020)
Processor: Apple M1
Graphics Card: Apple M1 (8-core GPU)
Memory: 16GB LPDDR4X-4266 (2x8GB)
Boot Drive: Apple Custom NVMe SSD (1TB)
Operating System macOS 13 Ventura

The Story

Al Azif was a bit of an impulse purchase. After deciding to sell our M1 Mac Mini so we could replace it with a laptop, we found this used MacBook Air listed on local classifies for a hell of a steal - $850, with the charger and box, for the 16GB RAM and 1TB SSD model (MSRP: $1600).

Needless to say, we brought it home the night we found it.

It has since been our go-to portable machine, using it for the occasional fuckery with our DDJ-400, and the place we keep our favorite DAW and video editor (Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro). It's also the device we prefer to work on the Jukebox on, and we do almost all of our writing on.

It went unnamed for several months, before we named it Al Azif, as the silver sleekness reminded us of it.