About Me =(^w^=

Name: Amber
Pronouns: she/her
Trans, genderfluid, and gay as hell

This website, a small slice of the overcrowded modern-day internet, serves as a safe haven. A place to escape the perils of doomscrolling, and the addictive nature of contemporary social media.

I come, hoping to share my passions with all of you. My passion for music, technology, and clean graphic design, my love for Vocaloid and video games and virtual reality.

Favorite album: Endless Fantasy - Anamanaguchi

Favorite game: Sonic Generations - SEGA (X360)

Thanks for stopping by. If you want to get ahold of me, either regarding this site or just to say hello, you can reach me at:

Twitter: @_loveshock
Discord: Loveshock#8366
Email: ambersjukebox@gmail.com
Mastodon: @loveshock@vocalounge.cafe

Remember to love yourself every now and then.