★ Our System ★

Directory of members for the Lost Time System. Up to date as of May 29, 2023.

☀️ Takane • it/xe/she/he

Full name: Takane Sakura-Enomoto-Kisaragi. Metaverse navigator, and Mekakushi Dan no. 6 and 7. Tech enthusiast.

🎧 Actor • he/they

Super pretty no-longer-cyber boy, and also Mekakushi Dan member no. 6. Will kick your ass in Call of Duty.

🌐 Ene • she/it

The super pretty cyber girl herself, and Mekakushi Dan member no. 6. Hyperactive, instrumental, and pulling strings.

⌨️ Shintaro • she/him

Mekakushi Dan no. 7. Former shut-in, FPS player. Stared death in the face at least a thousand times.

🎤 Momo • she/her

Momo Kisaragi, occupation: idol! Mekakushi Dan no. 6.

💤 Awakening • he/it/they

Aka Konoha. Sleepy. Mekakushi Dan no. 9.

🐍 Marry • she/her

Mekakushi Dan no. 4.

👁️ Ayaki • it/its

Shintaro's headmate. Also known as Ayano, or the Snake of Retaining Eyes.

⚡️ Koda • it/she

The cutest supercomputer you've ever seen. Can run DOOM, if you ask it politely.

🔮 Oracle • she/her

Navigator for the Phantom Thieves. No longer a shut-in, but still opinionated about computers.

👊 Queen • she/her

Phantom Thief strategist, and Oracle's mom-friend.

👟 Blur • he/him

Double-fictive of the Phantom Thief Skull and the fastest thing alive. Catch him if you can.