★ MISC. ★

A collection of links to fun, useful, or interesting things on the net.

    Affinity-Wine-Docs: A guide to getting Serif's Affinity 2.0 suite running on Linux under Wine.

    Yesterwebring Surfer: A site to surf the now-defunct Yesterweb webring, which the Jukebox was a part of.

    Awesome Neocities: A site with lots of useful resources for creating and managing your own site on Neocities.

    Ooh.Directory: A cool place to find independent blogs for almost any interest.

    MelonLand: A web community dedicated to preserving the style of the old web. Has a forum, wiki, useful resources, and many other links.

    Marginalia: An independent search engine; effective if you know how to operate older search engines.

    DizqueTV: Create a live TV channel from your own Plex media.

    DFC Database: A database for competitive Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax (Ignition) matches. Search by character, matchup, or supports.