This page is a directory for extra tools and apps we find useful for gaming, both flat-screen and VR.


    Heroic Games Launcher: An open-source, cross-platform replacement for several launchers, notably the Epic Games Launcher. Much more feature-complete.

    Process Lasso: A tool that we find indispensible on 12th gen or newer Intel CPUs with the P- and E-core setup. Allows you to pin apps to specific cores, or keep them off of E/P cores entirely. This helps performance in lots of games.


    WiiLink: A replacement for WiiConnect24 for the Wii. Formerly known as RiiConnect24, but also featuring additions of new apps like WiiLink's Food Channel, which allows you to order real Domino's from your Wii.

    RiiTag: A fun, customizable banner service to log playtime in games across various Nintendo systems. Great for embedding in sites and forum signatures.

    Beacon: A replacement server implementation for the LittleBigPlanet series on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita systems.


    ALVR: An open-source alternative to Oculus Air Link or Virtual Desktop. Also works on Linux. A good free alternative, but can be a bit of a hassle to set up.

    SideQuest: An alternative app store and device management tool for Oculus Quest devices. Great for sideloading apps that aren't on the official store.

    VRCX: A VRChat player's best friend. Insanely powerful tool for managing friends, avatars, and worlds, as well as keeping track of all sorts of extra data, like world history, avatar history, and even game event logs.

    OyasumiVR: A tool that integrates with SteamVR and VRChat to make sleeping in VRChat easier and more comfortable.