Update Log: August 25, 2023

Hi hi, everyone! We're back with our first major update log in a while! We've been silently updating the site for a while, but we figured it was probably time we talked about it, ehe.

New Additions

We've added two new pages under the Interests category to The Jukebox since our last update log!

The first is the Software Recs page, which contains info about and links to our personal software recommendations! Some of them are specific, some of them are a bit more general. Either way, we figured it'd be a fun thing to have.

The second is the Music Player page! We'd consider it a very unfinished, work-in-progress replacement for the music page on the old Jukebox. So far, it's just an implementation of Webamp loaded with two of our DJ sets and some of our favorite songs, but in the future we want to transform it into much, much more.

Outside of those, here are the changes we've made.


- The system directory has been overhauled and reorganized to make it easier to read as the system grows.

- The tech page has been updated with new additions and changes to our setup.

- Changed the background of the site. Looking to the future for a more significant visual refresh.

- Removed the long-defunct Yesterweb webring link on the sidebar, replacing it with a new one.


There's still work to be done on this site. We've been taking the time to work on this site more, and especially getting back into writing, so we hope to populate the blog again very soon. We've also retired from streaming, which has been an equally-interesting change to adjust to; an adapted version of our graduation letter will be published alongside this update.

Thanks for reading, and see you all in the next one.

Until next time.

LTS out.