First Major Updates

Hey everyone. We've finished our first batch of major updates to the New Jukebox since it launched a few months ago!

Things have gotten a bit crazy and are only seeming to get more hectic as time goes on, but we're committed to still at least trying to give this place the care it deserves.

Here's every update we've added since our last blog post.

New? owner

I've updated the operator info on the right side of the page, and in the about page. As it turns out, a new host taking over the system does cause a bit of stuff to shift, so we figured we'd at least point that out. Anyways, if you're new here - hi, I'm Futaba, a fictive, and (as of April 13, 2023) the current host of the Lost Time System!

System page

We've done our best to keep the system page fairly up-to-date. We're unsure if it will ever get the full treatment we'd like to give it, since that would take an incredible amount of time, but we're happy with how we've been able to maintain it.

Old Pages Updated & Restored

That's right! Two pages have been completely updated and reintroduced to the Jukebox. After months of absence, we've finally reimplemented the Other Sites page, and our Tech page, which is now under the Interests dropdown category.

The Other Sites page has mostly seen a clean conversion. With a few tweaks, it is largely the same as it was on the old site. We've added new links, though, and the Jukebox buttons are now back on the site.

The Tech page has had a complete overhaul, with more easily-readable spec tables, and the story behind each machine. They've also been renamed, and the collection has been removed. It'll probably be back as a graveyard at a later date, since we left most of it behind when we moved, but for now we've left it out in favor of the newer, more organized dedicated device pages.

What's next?

We've got some more writings planned for the Jukebox that we haven't quite finished. In the meantime, we'll be returning to streaming after a long break on May 26th, and we've been posting writings on AO3 under the username 'Loveshock' for a few months now, if fluffy fanfiction is your thing.

We've also been active on Tumblr, which we've added to the sidebar alongside our other social media sites, including our updated Mastodon handle.

We hope we'll see you soon! Please feel free to leave feedback on the site either in the guestbook, the Neocities page, or even our Twitter DMs. We always love hearing stuff from y'all. ^_^

Until next time.

LS out.