New Year, New Jukebox

Happy new year, everyone!

We're incredibly excited to reveal the NEW Jukebox, version 4.0! We've completely redone the layout, and are slowly working on revamping each individual page.

Why the redesign?

We felt the previous layout of the Jukebox was starting to feel stale, after remaining the same for almost two years. It started to feel very formulaic and unflexible, and we wanted to experiment with a new design that would potentially give us more freedom to do new things.

On top of that, our life has changed a lot since the creation of the Jukebox over two years ago! We felt that it might be time for the Jukebox to finally represent that.

Wait, what happened to...?

Some pages are still missing! We're working hard to completely re-do the Interests pages - music, tech, games - as well as the netaverse page to link to other sites. Those pages will absolutely return in the near future, but at the moment we're not ready to publish new versions, and don't want to shoehorn the old versions of those pages into the new design.

Additionally, we weren't able to convert every single blog post into the new styling format, so many smaller posts from the old Jukebox are absent from the blog page as well.

If you'd like to access these posts and pages again, an archive of the original version of the Jukebox before the redesign can be found on the blog page.

New section!

We've added a system directory! We didn't want to make a Carrd or anything (that would be too easy, come on), so we've added a makeshift directory for the Lost Time System. We do want to flesh it out, so everyone can have their own space, but at the moment that just wasn't feasible with the time that we have, and if we waited to update the Jukebox until it was finished, you probably wouldn't see this update until February!

It's a quick little stop to get a little familiar with all of us in a quick go. It'll be updated as we continue to work on the rest of the site.

What's next?

We're experimenting with typefaces and fonts to try and find a new font for the Jukebox, as we're fully aware that the current version of the site may be hard to read with it's default CSS. In the meantime, we have done our best to ensure that the core functionality of the New Jukebox can be accessed in reader mode, and with specialized tools like FrogFind for older systems. No more relegating site navigation to iframes!

We're actively taking steps to ensure that the site is more accessible than ever.

There are also plans to try and make the Jukebox more mobile-friendly, as it has historically been designed solely with the desktop in mind, and we realize that the New Jukebox is currently less mobile-friendly than past iterations.

Until next time

We're so happy to launch this new site! It was a very fun exercise in learning flexbox, and we have so many more cool ideas now that we don't feel as limited by the site's layout.

2023 is shaping up to be a fantastic year, and we hope that the nwe Jukebox design can help channel some of that excitement.

It's not perfect, and there's a lot more work to be done, but we're eager to fix it up to make the Jukebox better than ever.

Until next time.

LS out.