★ About Us =(^w^= ★

Hi! we're the Lost Time System! We're a fictive-heavy system with a fascination for tech.

We're a graphic designer, and we used to also moonlight as a VTuber named K.O.D.A.

We're transgender, plural, and proudly autistic.

We've always had an appreciation for the lightweight and simple. But as time marches on, the ever-increasing bloated landscape of the modern internet continues to abandon the machines of the past.

We strive to keep The Jukebox simple and lightweight, without sacrificing style. We aim to keep it a pleasant stop for all users, regardless of tech spec.

And with the capitalistic hellscape of Web 2.0 slowly eating away at what little charm the internet truly has left, we advocate for truly decentralized solutions to help keep a flourishing network of beautiful art and inspiring self-expression alive.

Thanks for taking the time to visit. If you want to get ahold of us, either regarding this site or just to say hello, you can reach us via the social icons on the right, or feel free to leave feedback and comments in the guestbook! Thank you!