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Hi, hi, welcome to the totally-secret, very well-hidden page on The Jukebox.

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If you clicked this button, you're probably at least a little bit interested in the idea of piracy and preserving media. We think that piracy and preservation are important, and strive to keep our own locally-saved collection of media that we love.

These pages will serve as recommendations and guides for obtaining, organizing, and enjoying your favorite forms of entertainment. We hope you enjoy sailing the digital seas with us.

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Depending on who you ask, there are plenty of reasons to pirate.

Availability. It's a digital world out there. With content regularly being locked behind the walls of streaming services and online storefronts, countless amounts of media are left to live at the mercy of rightsholders and server maintainers. Whether it's a show you can't watch in your own country, or a game on a system with no digital store, sometimes content just isn't available.

You're in control. The only person who controls the media you have is you. You can do whatever you want with it - watch your movies with any app. Listen to your MP3s on any device. Emulate console games from the comfort of your PC. You can do whatever you want.

It's something YOU OWN. DRM sucks. You don't 'own' any media you buy. Every game on Steam, every movie on iTunes - they can be taken away from you at a moment's notice. Or, in the worst cases, you're beholden to subscriptions for content you can only borrow until your subscription lapses. If you pirate it, you own it.

Companies suck. A lot. Whether it's a mouse or a plumber or a trillion-dollar conglomerate, every major company has one thing in common - they care much more about making money than making a good product. They'll charge you more for less, as they take away content, water down their apps, and lock free features behind paywalls. In their eyes, the less you own - the better. Never forget what they took from you - or, better yet, don't let them take it from you at all.


Piracy, as fun and cool as it is, is not always smooth sailing. You'll probably want or need most of these.

An ad blocker. Piracy sites are often smothered in ads, pop-ups, and porn. Optimally, use uBlock Origin with Firefox - especially on macOS, as Safari adblockers tend to struggle with piracy sites.

Mullvad VPN. If you're torrenting anything, having a VPN is fundamental. This isn't sponsored or anything, but skip the rest of the bullshit and just use Mullvad. No promo deals or introductory offers, just a flat rate and a VPN that actually gives a damn about privacy.

qBitTorrent. A cross-platform, open-source torrent client, with everything you could want or need out of a torrent client. No frills. Download it here.