Update Log: October 21, 2021

Time for another update log to catch the site back up on some stuff! Some of the changes have been rolled out over the past few months but it's time to sort of catch everything up.

First off - you may notice the site has a different coat of paint! I've reverted it to a style reminiscent of the 1.0 design. I think it works better for the vibe, honestly.

Secondly, I have updated the specs page! Kohaku, my old reliable, has been replaced with an almost-new machine, Kohaku ~Append~, complete with a Ryzen 5 3600 and new board and case to go with. Very happy with how she's running so far!

I hope to return to writing again, soon. I have some thoughts on Sonic Colors: Ultimate I would like to post as an addendum to the original Colors review, as well as a 13-page-and-counting review of Sonic Forces in the pipeline.

I've also gone and merged my main Twitter with my Vtubing one, which you can find now at @KohakuLS_VT. More info on my vtubing project can be found here!

Until next time.

Amber out.