Update Log: April 12, 2021

It's here! If you're reading this, then site 2.0 is now live and everything should be all set! There's all sorts of new changes, and I'll try to go through them as quick as possible.

Firstly, is the obvious visual overhaul. The sidebar has been moved to the left to acommodate more entries, and there's a much cleaner approach to visuals this time around! The original site relied heavily on pre-made images for navigation, making it hard to modify. Furthermore, the navbar is now just an iframe with it's own HTML and CSS file, so it can be modified freely and universally - on the old page, navigation was baked in!

The more modular design of this site should also allow for two things - easier theming, so I can change colors and aesthetics easier - and easier page adding, so I can add more cool things! Hopefully I'll be able to see those through.

I think that's everything for now! I think everything else should speak for itself. Thanks for checking the site out! More to come soon!

Twi out.